Refrigerator Buying Guide

 Buying a refrigerator as per your needs can be a difficult task. To make it easy we have prepared the Refrigerator Buying Guide to help you select the best one for you. We will look at all the different parameters one faces during the selection of optimal refrigerator.


There are many such factors which need to be considered for energy efficient experience during refrigeration. Let us have a look at these factors below:

Refrigerator/Fridge Buying Guide 2021- Key Factors


1. Capacity  Required:


Refrigerators commonly come with either larger freezer capacity or may include other compartments like Vegetable Box to be bigger. The large Vege Box helps to store vegetable easily as the whole section is a lot bigger than traditional refrigerators.



Let us further sub categorize the types of refrigerator offered in the Indian market-


1. Single Door Refrigerator:

Refrigerator Buying Guide

They mostly come with 150-300 litres of overall capacity. They are ideal for small families and are energy efficient and most economical refrigerator models.

They include Direct Cool as the Defrost mechanism while some single door refrigerators may have manual defrost option.


2. Double Door Refrigerator:

They have capacity ranging from 235- 500 litres. They are suitable for medium sized families. They include Frost Free as the Defrost mechanism. Here you get a freezer section separately at the top of the fridge which is around 75 Litres capacity.

They come with more features like Smart Inverter Compressor, Stabilizer free operation, Toughened Glass shelves etc.


3. Triple Door Refrigerator:


Also known as the Multi door refrigerators they come with capacities ranging from 250- 400 Litres. They are suitable for Medium sized families. One of the eye catching aspect of such refrigerators is large vegetable drawer at the bottom.

They also include Frost Free defrost mechanism.


4. Side by Side Refrigerator:


As the name suggests they have two compartments which can be opened at the same time, hence the name side by side. They have larger capacities than Single Door, Double Door and Triple Door refrigerators. They come with 500+ to 900 litres storage space.

They have more features than other models available in the market.


2. Defrost mechanism in fridge:


Most refrigerators have Direct Cool and Frost free defrost mechanism. The energy efficiency is better in Direct cool but Frost free has better food preservation.


3. Features to look for in fridge:


Inverter Compressor- 

Normal compressor may emit noise but in Inverter Compressor noise is reduced greatly.


Built in water dispenser- 

You do not need to open the refrigerator to get cold water thanks to the built in water dispenser mechanism.


Cool Pack- 

This helps to keep the freezer cool even during power cuts. You may expect 10-12 hours of cooling retention in such situation


Toughened Glass Shelves-

These are better equipped to store large pots and containers with their durability coming handy every time.


Deodorizer -

It helps to keep the natural aroma of the food fresh and retain the original texture of the food intact.


Smart Diagnosis-

Companies like LG provide their app to solve refrigertor problems. All you have to do is to install the application.


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