Inverter Battery Buying Guide

Inverter Battery Buying Guide

1) Types of Inverter Battery:

Inverter batteries mostly come in three types as below:

Tubular battery:

Tubular Batteries are the latest innovation in the battery industry. They are modern, require less maintenance, have great durability and easy to manage. Their life is usually more than flat plate or other batteries making it the ideal choice for home and office use.

The production and acceptance of current is better in Tubular batteries which is ideal for heavy duty applications.

Flat Plate battery:

Flat plate battery life is less compared to Tubular batteries but here the heat dissipation is better due to the flat structure but this tech is old and thus generally not as good as Tubular batteries.

Lead acid battery:

This is the oldest type of inverter battery but generally requires a lot of maintenance. The general problem with these batteries is the phenomenon of emitting gases which requires proper ventilation thus generally not used.

2) Warranty of inverter battery:

Nowadays most companies offer 3-5 years of warranty as below:

FOC-(Free of replacement)- As the name suggest during warranty if the battery fails you get a free replacement.

Pro-rota: Here you will have to pay some money to get a replacement thus higher the FOC period the more better for you.


3) Price of Inverter battery:

You get these inverter batteries under 10000-20000 price range in India.

Best Inverter battery Brands in India:

Some of the well known brands in this industry are Luminous, Exide, Amaron etc. from which you can buy your preferred battery without any problem as these brands provide the best support in terms of warranty.


Inverter Battery- Some Maintenance tips:

Keep the water level of the battery always in check:

Always keep an eye on the water level of your battery and if you see that the water level has dropped under the minimal level be sure to pour in some of the liquid in it

Always keep in mind that you cannot pour rainwater in it. You should always use distilled water which you can easily get in the local market.


Regular usage of the inverter battery:

Be sure to use the battery regularly as it will help improve the life expectancy if it is in use frequently.

Keeping it in well-ventilated area:

This is also an important aspect of where you keep the battery as more heated place in your home will end up heating your battery, so always keep it in a cooler area of your home and you won’t be having any problems.

Prevent the battery from getting dust buildup or corrosion:

Clean the battery if you suspect any dust build up or corrosion as this may lead to decrease efficiency and performance of your battery if kept uncleaned


Frequently Asked Questions:

Which type of battery is best for long and frequent power cuts in India?

Tall Tubular batteries are the best in such a situation where Power cuts are frequent and long.

These batteries stand out due to lower maintenance and quick charging along with durability


What is the best inverter battery brand in India?

Brands namely Luminous, Amaron, Exide dominate the Indian market when it comes to selling inverter batteries. These are the brands popular for great features with considerable price for those who want to power their homes with them.

In this list we have listed the best inverter batteries currently available in India so that you can choose one as per your needs and brand favourability.


When should we add water to our inverter battery?

It is advisable to check for water indicator placed at the top of front panel to add water if needed.


Is there any way to know if the battery is charged fully?

Usually the inverter has a charging indicator on it which helps to understand if the battery is charging. It is usually indicated with a green light.


What kind of acid is used in inverter battery?

Batteries generally have a combination of led plate and dilute sulphuric acid which in turn helps to convert electrical energy into chemical energy

Usually during providing backup reverse process is done and chemical energy is converted into electrical energy to light up your home.


What is meant by hassle-free water level?

It represents the water and electrolyte level of the battery.

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