Best Inverter Battery for your home in 2021 with Buying Guide

 Looking for the Best Inverter Battery for your home, then you have indeed come to the right place. This article will help you to select the best inverter battery as per your needs.

Electricity is one of the most fundamental requirements by humans. Our entire activity depends on the use of electricity right from using small kitchen appliances to larger ones. In India we face frequent power cut which stops our day to day activities and leaves us helpless.

Thus for such a situation it is best to buy an inverter battery which helps us to work on schedule even during power cuts.

Not only homes but offices, schools, shops, hospitals etc. rely on inverter batteries to ensure that they have power backup in emergency situations. So it is extremely important that you select a compatible inverter battery as per your needs.


List of Top 5 Best Inverter Battery for your home:


1. LUMINIOUS 200 AH Tubular Battery (RC 25000, Blue & White)

2. LUMINIOUS 150 AH Tubular Battery (RC 18000, Blue & White)

3. Amaron 150 AH Tall Tubular Battery (CR150TT)

4. EXIDE 150 AH Inverter Battery (FIB0-IB1500 150AH, Red)

5. LUMINIOUS 120 AH Tubular Battery (RC 15000, Blue & White)


Top 5 Best Inverter Battery: Reviews


1. LUMINIOUS 200 AH Tubular Battery (RC 25000, Blue & White)


Best Inverter Battery in India

Model Number: RC 25000

Battery Type: Tall Tubular

Dimensions: 50.2 x 44 x 19.1 cm

Weight: 60 Kg

Capacity: 200 Ah

Warranty: 36 months on manufacturing defects

Avg. Customer Rating: 4.4/5


Salient Features:

Advanced Tubular Plate Tech

Low Antimony Alloy

Excellent Overcharge Tolerance

Low Maintenance Required

6 Water Level Indicators

High back-up performance

Excellent overcharge resistance


Luminous is a powerful and well-known brand offering inverter batteries suitable for the Indian power cut situations. Luminous Red Charge RC 25000 is a tall tubular inverter battery which comes with an overall capacity of 200 Ah which is ideal for houses and offices.

It comes with 6 water level indicators which helps you to keep an eye on the water level of your inverter battery. It is highly efficient battery known for handling heavy duty application and is very efficient during long power cuts.

It has excellent overcharge tolerance which makes it the best buy currently in the Indian market. It requires low maintenance due to the fact that it uses low antimony alloy thus making it more durable and long lasting.

It uses advanced tubular plate tech ensuring you get the most of it for many years. Also it comes as factory charged in ready to use state.



+Low Maintenance

+Long Battery Backup

+3 Years warranty

+Great Tubular design which makes it much more efficient



-It is quite heavy and difficult to carry around easily


2. LUMINIOUS 150 AH Best Inverter Battery in India (RC 18000, Blue & White)


Model Number: RC 18000

Battery Type: Tall Tubular

Dimensions: 52 x 23 x 32 cm

Weight: 53.3 Kg

Capacity: 150 Ah

Warranty: 3 years

Running Load: 3 fan, 2 tube light, 1 LED bulb, 1 Fridge (250 Litre), 1 led TV 40"

Avg. Customer Rating: 4.3/5


Salient Features:

Less costlier

Low Maintenance Required

6 Water Level Indicators

Advanced Tubular Plate Technology

Low Antimony Alloy


If you are looking for a less costly battery as compared to RC 25000 then this is the right option for you providing 24X7 power supply.

Second on our list of comes a 150 Ah inverter battery from the same brand Luminous. If you are looking for a 150 Ah battery from Luminous then this the perfect battery for your needs.

As this also comes as a Tall tubular battery the installation is quite easy and hassle free. The uniquely patented alloy component prevents the inverter from corrosion and damage.

This inverter battery is also great for running household appliances as it provides uninterrupted and regulated power availability and thus this may also be well suited for your house if you are looking for a 150 Ah capacity battery.

It also provides superior performance is power cuts and voltage fluctuations. It comes with a 3 year warranty which is quite good from the brand as expected. It has excellent overcharge tolerance as it accepts very deep discharge suitable for areas with long and frequent power cuts.

The other features are similar to RC 25000 such as low antimony alloy used which requires lesser maintenance. It comes highly durable with sealed plastic housing.



+ Less costly as compared to RC 25000

+ It is rust proof, leak proof and shock proof

+ Fast Charging feature

+ Good life expectancy



-Not suitable for large enterprise offices


3. Amaron 150 AH Best Inverter Battery in India for home (Tall Tubular, CR150TT)


Model Number: CR150TT

Battery Type: Tall Tubular

Package Dimensions: 35.6 x 30.5 x 27.9 cm

Weight: 55 Kg

Capacity: 150 Ah

Warranty: 48 months

Avg. Customer Rating: 3.6/5


Salient Features:

High Heat Tolerance

Easy Charging

Less maintenance required

Contains low lead reserve


Amaron is also a well-known brand in providing inverter batteries for catering end user needs.

Amaron batteries won’t let you down in case of a power failure in your area or if you are experiencing extreme voltage fluctuations. Amaron batteries are compatible with any inverters available in the market right now.

This battery provides you hassle free experience with providing great high heat tolerance capacity which make is an ideal choice for Indian weather conditions. The charging process is easy and happens fast as well as initially it comes factory charged. It does not loose water thus requiring less maintenance.

Another great thing about this battery is that it uses a high heat resistant calcium as well as has ultra-modified hybrid alloy for its grids which makes it almost zero-maintenance. It is a C20 battery which makes it suitable for Solar inverters as well.


+Ideal for all weather conditions

+High end reserve capacity

+4 year warranty provided

+Good for long power cuts



-Bit heavier compared to similar range batteries


4. EXIDE 150 AH Inverter Battery (FIB0-IB1500 150AH, Red)


Model Number: FIB0-IB1500 150AH

Dimensions: 30.5 x 25.4 x 22.9 cm

Weight: 40 Kg

Capacity: 150 Ah

Warranty: 36 months

Avg. Customer Rating:



Salient Features:

36 Months warranty

Advanced hybrid tech

Easy handling

Easy Maintenance

Fume & Leak resistant


Exide is one of the renowned players in the power supply industry. It is the largest manufacturer of lead acid batteries and the 4th largest in the world.

Exide 150 Ah New Instabrite Inverter Battery is one of the best offerings by Exide in this price segment. Comparatively cheaper than the other batteries it is right to say that it is the Best Inverter battery in India under 10000.

Most people buy this as a low maintenance model for the features it offers like advanced hybrid technology best suitable to withstand higher temperatures. It uses special hybrid alloy system which in turn reduces the water loss.

It also has float guide which indicates the electrolyte level for your convenience. One of the notable features is that handling is easy with this model as it has molded Handles for the same.

It is top vented with anti splash guards fitted with coin flush vented plugs which makes it Fume And Leak resistant.



+Best inverter battery in India under 10000 for home

+Easy handling due to molded handles

+Low maintenance

+Can withstand high temperatures

+Fume and leak resistant



-Installation is not free


5. LUMINIOUS 120 AH Tubular Battery (RC 15000, Blue & White)


Model Number: RC 15000

Battery Type: Tubular

Dimensions: 50.5 x 30.8 x 22 cm

Weight: 40 Kg

Capacity: 120 Ah

Warranty: 36 months

Avg. Customer Rating:



Salient Features:

Advanced Tubular Plate Tech

Low Antimony Alloy

Excellent Overcharge Tolerance

Low Maintenance Required

Excellent overcharge resistance

It is one of the greatest batteries offered by Luminous if you need a comparatively smaller battery at little cheaper cost. 120 Ah is comparatively smaller than 150 Ah or 200 Ah. Thus if you need a smaller battery then go for 120 Ah battery offered by Luminous as it is the best brand offering 120 Ah model.

The notable features are somewhat similar to other models of Luminous in this list

It requires lower maintenance due to the fact that it uses low antimony alloy. The overcharge tolerance is excellent and the battery is quite durable.

You can also run heavy duty applications on the same. It is perfectly suitable for Indian conditions.




+ Great warranty

+Ideal for Indian conditions

+Requires low maintenance



-Carrying around may require some effort

Best Inverter Battery in India- Buyers Guide for you

Types of Inverter Battery:

Inverter batteries mostly come in three types as below:

Tubular battery: Tubular Batteries are the latest innovation in the battery industry. They are modern, require less maintenance, have great durability and easy to manage. Their life is usually more than flat plate or other batteries making it the ideal choice for home and office use.

The production and acceptance of current is better in Tubular batteries which is ideal for heavy duty applications.

Flat Plate battery:

Flat plate battery life is less compared to Tubular batteries but here the heat dissipation is better due to the flat structure but this tech is old and thus generally not as good as Tubular batteries.

Lead acid battery:

This is the oldest type of inverter battery but generally requires a lot of maintenance. The general problem with these batteries is the phenomenon of emitting gases which requires proper ventilation thus generally not used.


Nowadays most companies offer 3-5 years of warranty as below:

FOC-(Free of replacement)- As the name suggest during warranty if the battery fails you get a free replacement.

Pro-rota: Here you will have to pay some money to get a replacement thus higher the FOC period the more better for you.



You get these inverter batteries under 10000-20000 price range in India.

Best Inverter battery Brands in India:

Some of the well known brands in this industry are Luminous, Exide, Amaron etc. from which you can buy your preferred battery without any problem as these brands provide the best support in terms of warranty.


Inverter Battery- Some Maintenance tips:

Keep the water level of the battery always in check:

Always keep an eye on the water level of your battery and if you see that the water level has dropped under the minimal level be sure to pour in some of the liquid in it

Always keep in mind that you cannot pour rainwater in it. You should always use distilled water which you can easily get in the local market.


Regular usage of the inverter battery:

Be sure to use the battery regularly as it will help improve the life expectancy if it is in use frequently.

Keeping it in well-ventilated area:

This is also an important aspect of where you keep the battery as more heated place in your home will end up heating your battery, so always keep it in a cooler area of your home and you won’t be having any problems.

Prevent the battery from getting dust buildup or corrosion:

Clean the battery if you suspect any dust build up or corrosion as this may lead to decrease efficiency and performance of your battery if kept uncleaned




Frequently Asked Questions:

Which type of battery is best for long and frequent power cuts in India?

Tall Tubular batteries are the best in such a situation where Powers cuts are frequent and long.

These batteries stand out due to lower maintenance and quick charging along with durability


What is the best inverter battery brand in India?

Brands namely Luminous, Amaron, Exide dominate the Indian market when it comes to selling inverter batteries. These are the brands popular for great features with considerable price for those who want to power their homes with them.

In this list we have listed the best inverter batteries currently available in India so that you can choose one as per your needs and brand favourability.


When should we add water to our inverter battery?

It is advisable to check for water indicator placed at the top of front panel to add water if needed.


Is there any way to know if the battery is charged fully?

Usually the inverter has a charging indicator on it which helps to understand if the battery is charging. It is usually indicated with a green light.


What kind of acid is used in inverter battery?

Batteries generally have a combination of led plate and dilute sulphuric acid which in turn helps to convert electrical energy into chemical energy

Usually during providing backup reverse process is done and chemical energy is converted into electrical energy to light up your home.


What is meant by hassle-free water level?

It represents the water and electrolyte level of the battery.



So this was our list for Best Inverter Battery in India. Our top pick is LUMINIOUS 200 AH Tubular Battery (RC 25000, Blue & White). Then we recommend LUMINIOUS 150 AH Tubular Battery (RC 18000, Blue & White) as our 2nd best choice.

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