Washing Machine Buying Guide- India 2021

 Buying a washing machine as per your needs can be a difficult task. To make it easy we have prepared the Washing Machine Buying Guide to help you select the best one for you. We will look at all the different parameters you come across during the selection of optimal washing machine.


There are many such factors which need to be considered so that you get the best washing experience every time. Let us have a look at these factors below:


Washing Machine Buying Guide: Key Factors


1. Type of Washing Machine-


The washing machines usually come in two types-


Semi automatic washing machine-


Washing Machine Buying Guide

Semi automatic washing machines are the most energy efficient models in the market right now. They require lot less water without usually compromising the wash process. They include a separate tub for both washing and drying and require manual effort.

They are also easier to install and operate. The repair is also less costly.


Fully automatic washing machine-


Fully automatic washing machines are more equipped with features and require less space for storing the machine. They include flexible wash cycles and include number of wash programs to choose from.

In Fully automatic washing machines noise is greatly reduced as compared to Semi automatic washing machine.

They are further sub categorized as top load and front load washing machines.

1. Top Load Washing Machine-


They are Fully automatic washing machines with Top mechanism of inserting clothes to wash.

Some of the advantages include-

Larger capacity with less storage space required

You can add clothes between wash cycle

Consume less space and power


2. Front Load Washing Machine-


They are Fully automatic washing machines with Front mechanism of inserting clothes to wash.

Some of the advantages include-

The mechanism of washing is better as the clothes fall on each other during wash process.

Many wash programs included.

Helps in drying clothes faster.


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2. Brand of Washing Machine-

Selecting a washing machine is incomplete without selecting a Brand which you like.

LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Haier, IFB, Bosch, etc are some of the most famous brands offering wide range of washing machine from Semi automatic to Fully automatic.



3. Capacity Required-

Washing machines come in different capacities ranging from 5 to 10 kg. You can find these range in every type may it be Semi automatic, Top Load or Front Load.

The higher the capacity the more water is required which may increase power consumption. 


4. Wash Programs-

There are a wide range of wash programs you get in Fully Automatic washing machines .Some of them are Regular, normal and cotton, 15’ Quick Wash, Wool Cycle, Daily, heavy, whites, Rinse+Spin, Spin only, Express wash etc.

5. Features-

Child lock, smart diagnosis and cleaning, Auto restart are some of the features these washing machines offer.


6. Energy Efficiency-

The washing machines usually come with 1-5 star rating with higher the rating the better energy efficiency.


7. RPM-

Drying of clothes is faster with higher RPM.


8. Temperature Control-


Cold:  Cold water is used for a gentle wash

Warm: Mostly suited for sheets, towels and other linens.

Hot: Used for baby clothes, cloth diapers, athletic wear, etc for sanitizing purposes



9. Warranty-

Always check for the warranty need when selecting the washing machine.


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