Food Processor Buying Guide-India 2021

Buying a Food Processor as per your needs can be a difficult task. To make it easy we have prepared the Food Processor Buying Guide to help you select the best one for you. We will look at all the different parameters of an optimal Food Processor.


There are many such factors which need to be considered. This will in turn provide the best chopping, slicing experience every time you use it. Let us have a look at these factors below:

Food processor buying guide

Food Processor Buying Guide: Key Factors

1. Types of Food Processor-


1. Hand Operated-


For chopping veggies.


2. Mini Food Processor-


For chopping, grinding, mixing as well as shredding.


3. Full-Sized Food Processor-


Chopping, grinding, mixing as well as shredding large amount of food.


4. Buffalo Choppers Food Processor-


For heavy duty application like processing meat.



2. Best Food Processor Brands in India-


Philips, Inalsa , Usha, Bajaj, Morphy Richards etc. are some of the most popular brands providing Food Processor in India.



3. Motor-

The motor power range from  600-1000 Watts with RPM ranging from 1000-15000 RPM. The higher the better efficiency.


4. Accessories included-


You get a wide range of accessories along with the food processor-


Some of them are as follows-

French Fry Cutter

Kneading Blade and Chopping Blade

Centrifugal Juicer

Citrus Juicer

Grinding Jar

Blender Jar

Chutney Jar

Other attachments include-

Atta Kneader

Coconut Scraper

Baby Food Grinder

Cheese Grater


5. Type of Juicer-

Centrifugal & Citrus juicers are the two most used juicer types.

Citrus juicer is for extracting juice only from citrus fruits whereas Centrifugal juicers are for extracting juice from hard fruits like watermelons for example.


6. Safety overload detector-

Some food processors come with this awesome feature which detects the overload which saves the machine from being over heated.


7. Other Safety features-

Look out for locking system and circuit breaker to be on the safe side while using the food processor


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